Quielan Gantt known by artist name GraffDummy residing in the small town of Hagerstown, MD. Was born to guide others through art with colorful and powerful creations using spray paint, and acrylics and various other mediums. His largest collection to date titled " The Bomb Era", is a body of works generalizing the freeform lifestyle of our creative generation. Being we live in such a competitive yet creative era, the bomb portrays a metaphorical symbol representing our culture; "We are the Bomb". Believing that art can save the world, the works of GraffDummy are made to CREATE 2 TEACH, TEACH 2 INSPIRE, INSPIRE 2 CREATE. Creating a perfect cycle of growth. Welcome to The Bomb Era may you continue to be great.

Newest collection titled "IKIGAI" meaning a way of life, can be seen in the 2020 print collection. ENJOY!